You can write?

Article published on March 29, 2008
Article published on March 29, 2008
You have a strong journalistic streak or words flow easily for you in addition to what you’re a fan of Europe? La Parisienne is for you! The editorial line can be taken from different angles. -    Write about Paris, how cool it is here, what’s going on, and make jealous every European on earth who doesn’t live in this merveilleuse incroyable ville that is so awesome. Click here for an example.

-    Write about what is happening in France and might actually catch the interest of our comrades on the other side of the Channel, the Rhin, the Pyrénées and of much further. Our favorite thing? Slag off the flaws of our beautiful country that is almost as great as Paris (yeah, the Province takes the standards down – as our friends on the other side of the ring ironically say). A click for a little example.

-    …and about the little France does in Europe (Brussels included) and how its neighbors see France. For an empirical experience, click here.

You cannot write but you can talk?

If this is your case, do not feel left behind. La Parisienne thought it all! Babel Paris is partner with Radio Campus Paris, a student radio station. Every Thursday night, one of its members is talking on a European matter: Lisbon Treaty, Kosovo, Finland, you name it… I let you judge for yourself.

Even though our radio season is almost over, don’t worry, our ambition is to have our own program next year (once every two weeks) entirely dedicated to Europe. If you dig the idea, you’re welcome to join us now!

Plus, there are still 12 spots to go and we may have a little room for you!

Back to the studio!

Any other skills?

The radio and the blog are right now La Parisienne’s two main poles. But you shall know that the team is open to any new projects. There are in deed ideas

- To develop the communication, create partnerships to make the association manifest and attract newcomers in this great adventure.

- and the events management with regular debates, conferences, round-tables on European matters.

- etc…

There we go! We’re looking forward to all your answers and suggestions!

See you very soon in this European Wonderland.

La Parisienne’s team.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, please, feel free to contact :

PS: You’re interested in translation, do not hesitate any longer!!! French, Italian, German, Spanish… we offer languages to suit all tastes!