Yet another reason for European Union to exist?

Article published on Dec. 22, 2017
Article published on Dec. 22, 2017

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 In the mist of recent headlines :  "Poland at the crossroads in relations with Europe", "The Czech Republic could be the next country to leave the EU". "Hungary on path to leaving EU?". And when one of the biggest nation is already out and others nations are echoing their displeasure of staying in the EU.

Me and three friends (Bulgarian, German and a Hungarian)  walk into a bar. The topic of the evening - Why should the European Union exist?

"I'm so relieved I can travel across Bulgaria, Romania to Austria without wasting time to get visa, waiting in queue to get it stamped. It's so easy for my granma in Austria and my parents in Romania. I'd definitely want my country to stay as part of EU ", says Celia an author from Bulgaria.

"I'm thinking big, imagine how much more our exports would cost if we had border tax, currency conversions, bureaucracy overhead costs. Lead time to make new agreements. How poor our economy would be without all the man power from surrounding countries working with us", says Max a manager at a German car making company.

"Forget about luxury of no Borders, and economic development. In my country  schools, universities, hospitals, bridges and railway stations are built with money given to us by the EU. What would happen if it's dissolved? . We don't even have the means to sustain ourselves.", says Árpád a Hungarian university professor.

Simple reasons like Geographical mobility. Complex reasons like single market. Crucial reasons like infrastructure development, are few common well-known benefits for the EU to exist in commoner eyes. But, there are many other intangible and layered reasons from the EU : Friendlier neighbours, Law and order, environment policies, consumer protection, Common and shared infrastructure. EU is a much more complex system at work, it has come long way since it's inception which was solely to keep peace between the Germans and the French after the world war. EU has grown leaps and bounds. It is a dormant super power . It derives such a strength from its ability to unify nations beyond geography.

Despite these benefits, in the few years there has been a lot of commotion and 'the union' had a big crack on 23rd June 2016. When it's most powerful member Great Britain voted to break away from the union. This might have been seen as a one of a case anomaly, a political stance or power struggle. Whatever the reason though, it seemed to have caused  a domino effect.  Even economically mid range EU nations are now 'threatening' to leave the EU.  As we saw there are plenty of good reasons to stay as part of EU. Though there are some not so good reasons too.

It is time to take a stand based on her own logical reasoning. Because our decision drives the decisions of our nation to be a part of the European Union.

My reason for this stand is to have nations without borders. In many ways EU is seen as a single nation working with smaller adminstration to benefit each nations mutually at a grand scale. By the same logic this 'European Union' model could scale and can be applied to the rest of the World. 'World Union' anyone? Would you not like world to have better  social, economic , environmental growth  like the EU has had.

Meanwhile at the eye of the EU dissolution storm, a peculiar team 'Polygon Creative Empire whom I came across on a visit to Vienna. Have devised a radically offbeat and a immensely creative effort to uphold Europe's unification. Their goal is to create a new Empire. Though it seems quirky at first glance,  it is a nobel effort. They have ressurected a prolific Empress 'Sissi' aka Elizabeth to rule this empire , given her a new twist as a 'Pop Icon'- a symbol of the golden age which Sissi represnted. Read more here.

"The frontier region is also the result of the blurring of the boundaries in the EU, a kind of twilight zone."

There are other sweet side effects from this venture:

  • Balance of labor market demand and supply, stabalizing  real estate fluctuations.

  • Make out of the box entertainment (Money laundering and brothel house anyone?).

  • Cultural showcase opportunities away from major capitals of Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

As they point out and I again iterate because it's the crux of their idea. They want to erase the border between Developed Western EU and Developing Eastern EU. Most importantly, what do you think about the Polygon Creative Empire? Does this and similar ventures and efforts strong enough to sustain the union? Should the European Union exist? Should we have nations without border?