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Article published on May 27, 2009
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Article published on May 27, 2009
Qatar Foundation invites applications for the WISE Awards 2009 to support outstanding practice and achievements within the themes of Pluralism, Sustainability and Innovation in education.

WISE differentiates itself from all other education-related initiatives through its action-oriented Awards, to reward concrete achievements and to sponsor innovative education-related projects that foster cross-educational collaboration.

For this inaugural year, the WISE Awards nominations will generate six prizes to projects aligned with the Forum’s three main themes: Pluralism, Sustainability and Innovation, two prizes being awarded for each of these three themes.

Each of the six laureates will receive a WISE Prize Award of $20,000 at the Gala Dinner on November 17th, 2009. Laureates will also be given the opportunity to showcase their projects during the WISE Forum.

The WISE Awards application process is open to individuals or teams of individuals from across the world and in all education sectors, to be supported by a letter of endorsement from senior management of their organisation... Read more...