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Article published on April 7, 2011
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Article published on April 7, 2011
To borrow the title of a recent conference organized by the Athens Polytechnic, “Another Athens is possible, another Faliro is possible”. With the presentation of the final designs by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, the restructuring of the Phaleric Delta ―a decades old vision that inspired many generations of architects and artists― is entering the implementation phase.
 A proof of the chaotic urbanization one of the most beautiful natural coastlines, the phaleric bay has been abandoned for many decades by a modern Greece run by large contractor’s conglomerates.

by Ioanna Papadimitropoulou

 Only a few scattered neoclassical estates, sandwiched between apartment buildings, have been left to remind us that in this land, bathed in the Attica sun, the city of Athens once gazed upon the coastline, taking deep breaths. The general euphoria before the Olympics saw the emergence of several plans for the area that were to remain drafts, and so did 2006. For the first time, the master plan submitted by the italian master regarding the reconstruction of the expanse that begins in the estuary of the Kifissos river, passes through the estuaries of the Ilissos river and joins the park that contains the new National Library and the new National Opera buildings, also contains a detailed implementation time plan and the support of the Stavros Niarhos foundation, that funded the design process. The ministry for the environment pledged that all the necessary studies will be completed by April 2012, so that the bidding can start for this landmark work. For the first time we feel optimistic regarding the completion of this plan, that makes use of the largest park of Athens to reconnect the city with the sea, and resurrects an urban sea front that was lost due to the embankments, the chaotic urban development and the highway.Source: