Willy Academy

Article published on Feb. 19, 2008
Article published on Feb. 19, 2008
A course of intercourse. Last Spring in Madrid, four jolly fellows, owners of a well- known sex shop in the Spanish capital, « la Jugueteria » launched their willy academy. Erika Lust, Dunia Montenegro (black mountain), Pygma and Marcelo Tajtelbaum (something tree), Movida-style nicknamed characters without any complex have crowned themselves in charge of the new shag chair.

Since last May, l’Universidad del Sexo has been offering end of week classes in discreet alternative or municipal rooms. Among the classes, you can have a go at: bondage for beginners, how to shoot your own home-made porn, or foreplay classes.

The objectives for the « students », ranging from 18 to 65 (sic), are not very varied: some matronly Iberians admit wanting to “deepen the exploration of their sexuality” and others that they want to learn the tricks of a good strip tease. The teaching style, priced between 90 and 170 euros, is rather soft and mainly takes place behind a desk. Taking practical work for a dating class is a complete no-no. “The Sex University is not a place to meet new people or to behave like a voyeur” the CEOs of banter lectured already. Call that puritan sex ethics.

(Credit : Mitchseventy/flickr)