Why? Why on earth are we the third country in the world to military expenses? Is Europe voluntarily “blind” over the matter?

Article published on March 19, 2010
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Article published on March 19, 2010
OK! Greek financial statement is “bordelique”, thank you Europe, we know that, just answer me why should we pay for German submarines, French frigate and so on! Who is profiting from the geographical situation of Greece? Why the greek issue with its borders isn’t a European border issue yet?

During last months all I hear is about greek tax evasion, over-consumption, frauds and so on but why European leaders do not talk about the greek excessive defense spending.

Greece, throughout the course of modern history, has not ceased, nor a day to spend multiples sums compared with those in other European countries for military equipment, and even today, being a member of the EU holds the third place worldwide in terms of defense spending!!!! (I do not see any Europe in that?)

"The excessive military expenditures have always been a cause of economic crisis. It makes sense, considering that Turkey, Israel and Greece are countries that have higher military spending worldwide "said during his speech Mr George Dertilis, (professor of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris) on" History does not repeat and do not teach: Financial Crises and State in Greece "

It is clear, based on official data that from 1833 up to 1983 defense spending every year exceeded 20% - 40% of its total costs, while still continuing to have about 4% of GDP on military purposes, even though in Eurozone is 1.7% of EU is 1.8% and some other small states is only 0.8% ...

aoratoi1.jpg Mme Merkel, Mr Sarcozy, the floor is yours…