Why journalists use blogs?

Article published on June 29, 2007
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Article published on June 29, 2007
There is a dramatic increase in the creation of blogs the last years and it is really positive that a great majority of journalists can use them. But why do journalists use blogs? Journalists have the privilege to use the language in a proper way and that gives them the power to express their views and their ideas freely and without hesitation.
They play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting and analyzing news and information.

What should be mentioned is that journalists by their blogs, they cultivate a spirit of cooperation and coordination with the public. They talk with their fellowmen about economical, political and cultural issues and they can criticise the authorities and their actions. Journalists' blogs are a motivation for the public to protest against certain governmental behaviors. This is the meaning of democracy and journalists with blogs try to fulfill their desire of a world of justice and equation.