Who gave the weapons to Saakashvili

Article published on Sept. 14, 2008
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Article published on Sept. 14, 2008
"I consider that the responsibility of the genocide of the Ossetians have the President of the Ukraina and all those who have provided the President of Georgia with weapons, not only the President of Georgia. They all are guilty of the crime of genocide", - sayd the President of Southern Ossetia Eduars Kokojta - "Izvestija" (a Russian journal) cites.
Southern Ossetia has an own President besause this country proclaimed its independence at the same time with Georgia, Estonia, Latvia and other ex-USSR countries after the USSR crashing.

The Ministery of Defence of Russia have annouced the list of the countries that gave the weapon to Georgia, and consequently collaborated in the war conflict in Ossetia and in the extermination of the population of Ossetia: http://www.mil.ru/files/table_15_05.doc (Word), http://community.livejournal.com/ru_politics/14752849.html .

Among them are the USA, Bulgary, Great Britain, Ungary, Greece, Latvia, Lituania, Turkia, France, Chech, Estonia – Nato members, and Israel, Bosnia and Gerzegovina, Serbia, the Ukraina.

The USA financed Georgia in buying the weapons and drilling the Army. Georgia will receive 11 milions dollars from the USA in 2009 and without a duty to give it back.

It seems that Georgia has used the money given by European Union for buying weapons. There is not any trancparency in EU in the financial questions. An Italian comic Beppe Grillo and journalist Marco Travaglia have asked from European Parliament not to give further money to Italy because this money goes directly into mafia hands. The European Authorities remained indifferent to this important question, nothing was done to change the situation, so the citizens started thinking that the members of the European Government riceived a part of this money.

The USA gave to Georgia 10 helicopters (see for the details in the document of Russian Ministery, I have not a military preparation and can’t translate abbreviations), 2 small military chips, 230 various militar cars, 101 radio stations, other equipment. In 2006-2008 the USA have presented 30,6 millions of dollars to Georgia, as forseen by the American "Program of help to other foreign States". Georgia was given else 10 millions of dollars for preparing to entry into Nato. In the near future the USA will present other 15 helicopters to Georgia.

The Ukraina is very active too: it gave to Georgia 31 tanks, 20 BTR (I’m not a militar and can’t to understand and translate the militar abbreviations), 40 BMP, 12 SG, 10 airplains, 13 helicopters, 10 ZRK, PTP complex, a small militar ship with missiles, a small militar guard-ship, 2 radio stations, 40 tons of shells-projectiles-missiles.

It seems that the Ukrainian soldiers have directly partecipated in militar activities of the Georgian Army – the inquries are going on. The Ukraina has a program to give more weapons to Georgia.

Bulgary gave 2000 missiles, 37 cannos-guns (for launcing missiles), 150 militar mashines called "Konkurs" and "Kornet" and 1500 for it, 4 airplaines, 2 militar ships, 10 tousend boxes of Kalashnikov, 650 tons of of shells-projectiles-grenades. Bulgary intends to continue giving weapons to Georgia.

France gave 1 radio station and helped to drill soldiers. There is a piece of information that France had financed a militar base building in Georgia and the people ask: why a militar base and not a school or hosptal?

Israel – 8 airplaines, shells-projectiles, masking sistems. From October 2007 some Israeli militar councillors stay in Georgia and drill the Georgian Army.

Saakashvili said that the are two Israili citizens in the Government of Georgia and they are Ministers (!!) (http://www.newsru.com/world/14aug2008/smi.html ).

Latvia – 188 radio stations, 30 sistems of charging, 240 accumulators, 7 radio sistmes.

Litva – 14 000 Kalashnikovs.

Estonia – a didactic computer sistem SIM-3C-10.

There is information that Albania has earned more than 2,3 millions euros selling the weapons to Georgia (http://www.newsru.com/world/01sep2008/olbania.html – a Russian article with a link to the source Gazeta Shqiptare ).

Considering the articles of the Georgians, it seems that the Georgians don’t accept Saakashvili as a President. Otar Kuscianashvili declare: "Saakashvili has sold Georgia" (http://journalisti.ru/?p=439 ), Tina Kandelaki: "Whose is this war? It’s not ours!" (http://tikandelaki.livejournal.com/12696.html ) . The Georgians have not possibilty to eliminate their President in peacful and democratic mode – this is a great problem of today’s regimes of democracy: when the Government or President betray own country or its people there is nothing to do.

One Estonian bysinessman advices the Estonian Government

Tiit Vähi – an Estonian man connected with politics and one of the biggest businessmen of Estonia - advises to the Estonian Government to use wisdom, to "keep a little bit silent" and follow the ractions of the heads of the USA and EU. Vähi invites to cease the phobia of Russia at least on the top political level and says to the Estonians, who want to increase the military expences, that Estonia doesn't need weapons but needs wisdom (the article in Estonian: http://gruusia.postimees.ee/?id=26209 ).

Russian politicians about the situation

A famous Russian politican Valerij Bogomolov said: "Our aim is to do all the possible to create an antidote against the aggressive manifestations of the USA, because the countries like the USA behave themselves as bandits and don’t want to accept a civil dialog before they get a punch in the jaw".

Viktor Iliuhhin think that "European Union should became more indipendent and more self-sufficient. Till today Europe doesn’t understand that Nato is searching to provoke the war against Russia while the USA arms Georgia. Washington push Tbilisi in a great war because the USA wants to creat in Georgia own military bases and to have possibility to act in Southern Russia, Orient, and in particular in Iran. Europe should strive to understand it".

A simple citizen descibes the war

"We had been in Georgia from the 31-th of July, we didn’t know anything about the war because the current was switched off. We heared some explosions nearby Marneuli. We went to Tbilisi. The local TV didn’t give enough information, Saakashvili said not to be afraid of shellings in one of his performances. Only the militar objects were bombed, no civil ones. Before the shelling someone called, informed about shelling, and asked to go away from the object; the shelling started only after 10-15 minutes after this call. It was happened in case of the radio station nearby the airport. It was comunicated that the Russian tanks was nearby Tbilisi but after was clarified the tanks was Georgian. The last bombs were launced ib the night of 10-11 of August. The population of Georgia wasn’t inform about the militar actions in Ossetia ((http://npest.moy.su/forum/40-290-6 , 12.08.2008, 22:54 Message 78 ).

Considering this testimony it’s possible to conclude that the Georgian bombed own territory (in addition to Ossetian territory) with the aim to have a possibility to accuse Russia and ask more money for rebuilding from European Union and other organizations.

A little bit more about Saakashvili

Saakashvili is described by mass-media as a "legal" and "democratic" governor, the negative and illegal details of his carrer are never mentioned. For example, nobody mention some strange deathes of the Saakashvili’s opponents - Zurab Zvania – "poisoned with gas" or Badri Patarkatsishvili – dead after "heart problems". The Ministry of Defens of Georgia Iraklij Okruashvili have asked for exsylum in France. Emzar Kviziani – the ex-councillor of the President of Georgia – have announced his refusal to obey the President. Maia Nikoleishvili and Teimuraz Giorgioliani was arrested and accused of coup d’Etat – both of them were not agree with the ideas of Saakashvili.

In 2007 the Georgians protested asking the resignation of the President, forming the crowds of 50 000 persons. On the 7-th of November in 2007 the peaceful manifestation of 5 000 persons was attacked and repressed by Policy and soldiers (in 2007 the Estonian Government used the same repressions against the peaceful demonstration of population that ask for democracy and referendum on the question of removal of the only Anti-Nazi and Anti-Fashist monument, these repressions conducted to famous mass disorders). On the same day Saakashvili distroyed the TV studio "Imedi" with aim to cease undesired information (http://npest.moy.su/forum/13-336-1 ).

A famous Russian criminal psycologist Mihhail Vinogradov considers Saakasvili is a menally insane person (http://www.newsru.com/russia/11aug2008/vinograd.html ). Article says that Saakashvili talks to the Georgian people in English like the Estonian President Hendrik Ilves to the Estonian people. "Talking to own people in English is a sign of the total absence of respect to the people. Such a behavour represents the negligence to own nationality and own traditions", - concludes the psycologist.

Saakashvili was a member of the Komsomol (the Communist Union of the Youth) in his youth, like all young people in the USSR. He was temporarily excluded from because there was a scandal with porno-films and he was a producer. (biography at: http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-19717 ).