When Cambridge dethroned Harvard..

Article published on Sept. 9, 2010
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Article published on Sept. 9, 2010
The second oldest university of Britain, namely Cambridge ( established in 1209) managed to be given the title of the best university in the world. According to the list of Quacquarelli Symonds, the british university overthroned Harvard, which used to hold the title for seven years...up to now..

The university of Cambridge

Yale took the third place, while the Top 10 had only universities from Britain and the U.S., such as the Imperial College, UCL, Berkeley, etc.

The University of Athens fell from the 177th to the 286 place, thus, leaving the club of the 200 best universities ..

The list was compiled by the academic reputation of institutions, research and the absorption of graduates into the job market. British and American universities have primacy mainly because most students around the world choose the English language to start or continue in post-graduate level their studies.

Certainly this is not enough to explain why the Greek universities remain riveted to low levels when the country has such a valuable scientific staff both within and outside Greece. It is time the Greek government to repatriate them and focus on research.

As it is known almost to everyone, the country produces almost nothing. Of course this is not necessarily bad if you focus only on services.

But if we decide to do only that, we have to do it well,  through quality and innovation. Universities should be evaluated and operate independently as are those in Europe and the U.S. in order for the country not to lose huge amounts from the''export''of students abroad. And the solution in such a direction is not by legalizing some colleges..

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