What would happen if Budapest be suspended from right to vote at the European Council ?

Article published on June 17, 2015
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Article published on June 17, 2015

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After Viktor Orban incoming at the Parliament last January (official source : Strasbourg) the next step towards the Hungarian resolution brings over the intention of the European constitution in discussion for a few years already.

Worried about the behaviour of European countries leading independent power out of the European norms, the decision taken by Brussels – according to PPE group, opened up several processes against the modification engaged : upon independence of the central bank, upon the authority of data protection, at last upon the lowing age of the magistrates' pension. The head of government led out of the European Council boundaries for a few years already did provoke some misunderstanding that need reinforced lighten. Anyway, shall we wonder after a ride around on the press, did the political states of the countries involved deserve sanctions and gagging processes when precisely the situation might blame once again old memories of censorship, of dominated nationalism and against cosmopolitism ? Who shall be blamed for when it is again the European historical background that claims self-understanding and salvation ? Cohesion, solidarity and unity turned out biaised by the versatility of opinion the public meant deserved. It is not only the populism of our politics that embodies the crisis of our inhabitants, than the discrimination at any level of sociability which will at last ends up with any of the rights liberty used to listen.

The one failure subsequent would be not to find out the climax involving the all discontents ; only contemporary failure that haunted our democracies.

What might happen if Budapest be dismissed from the democratic right of votes ? When the question suddenly points out data protection inside the European boundaries and we heard that a subsequent reform is attempted on justice department legacy shall we understand that an end had come to the governments experimentation upon populations ? Why not to expect the independence of crime when we might already be facing different cases of delinquency according to different cases of cultural politics ??

Reading the particular report made for 'Paris-Match' (first week/ February 2012) upon the way criminals will be released from jail on the condition they show themselves responsible enough to educate the mass to the social labour and also condemned to sensibly look after their 'slaves' so as to properly contribute to the society they intend the other citizens to accept, one might wonder if the real jail was not until there to remain outsider without expectation of living, ever, something different than the misquantified value of life, the early things that will soon constitute our only wages. Still one might wonder where the democracy has not been listened to and what would happen if the intention of the European capitals had not to be approval votes ; obviously the decisions look like already taken, already doomed. Parallelism is in action until the point where figures are not yet able to hide their angles.

I want to write an article about Budapest. Main capital of Hungaria. I have been to Bratislava, stayed a while in Transylvania. I want to understand. Why press and media mixed up European citizenship with history and agreelents taking during folklorish made-up demonstration...