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Article published on July 24, 2007
Article published on July 24, 2007
Our team in London has been around for almost three years now. Having led its activities over the past years, I can say that it is quite a challenge to spread a Europe-focused enthusiasm here in London. Nevertheless, there is hope and we are continuously trying our best to get people interested in European issues and also to spread the word about the wonderful world of cafebabel.com.

This space will keep you up to date with what we're doing, planning and preparing. Of course, we are very happy to welcome new members to our team at any time and of any sort. At the moment, we are especially keen on people who would like to contribute to this very blog. Any feedback and comments are welcome!

So, what's going on at the moment? Summer-time recession...Many of our team members are students, therefore the summer months always tend to be a bit quiet. But we are planning a lot of interesting events for the coming months...An exciting debate series at the beginning of next year and our participation in the next round of Europe on the Ground!

Get in touch if you'd like to help out: london@cafebabel.com

Watch this space for further info!