What do you think about the lyrics of pop music?

Article published on May 8, 2017
Article published on May 8, 2017

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The pop culture needs philological value and lyrical effect for the texts of the songs. Students of Bulgarian Philology organize competition for lyricist from all of the Bulgarian universities. 

The impact of this idea is to create a community of young authors creating music or different art, improving the message and signs, also embracing the richness of the Bulgarian language and culture.

The winner of the competition will be selected by the commission of six jury members. The First prize will be the first "Student Award of Contribution to the Connections between the Philology and Arts". 

Many of the participants' lyrics will be turned into songs. The organizers do not struggle with pop culture writers, but make an experiment so that students can make personal developments in literature and music and find a new market for their works. This competition, sponsored by the Student Council of Sofia University, will make a huge impact on the students' interests and their future. 

Today it is possible to earn money, when you are a student, and this will happen as part of the skills of philology or language and your passion for music. 

Let me know what do you think about the lyrics of pop songs in the comments below.