What are Your Parent’s Beliefs on Social Media Websites and Apps?

Article published on May 23, 2016
Article published on May 23, 2016

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My mom and dad’s beliefs on social media and web applications are parallel. On the hand, my views are totally crazy!

One of the signature developments of the 21st century, is the emergence, development, and popularity of social media platforms. For the last 13 years now, since Facebook was launched, life has completely changed. Today, there is no government that can assume the power of social media.

There is no business that has not experienced the power of this new development. In short, social media has revolutionized how we do things, how we live and how we interact. But there is one group of people whose views and beliefs about social media stands out-parents.

While from all corners people seems to be adopting and appreciating the power of social media, parents have been skeptical, cautious and sometimes with reserved opinions. To a large extent, their beliefs has been shaped by how they feel these platforms and online applications would tremendously impact their families, especially their children.

I don't know how your parents feel about the same, but I will share social media and online applications beliefs through the eyes of my parents.

1. Social media has brought another dimension of validation

Let’s face it; everybody wants to be accepted. We all want to feel appreciated and if possible, people should notice our presence. According to my mom, she believes, social media has taken the quest for validation to a whole new level, in the form of re-tweets and likes. That's why people will do anything to get likes.

I remember one time; she was talking to my younger sister and she insisted, “Never use social media to measure your worth.” 

2. We are getting exposed to health hazards

According to my father, social media is a double-edged sword. When used properly, there is a lot to learn online and benefit from. Maybe it’s because he is a marketer. But one belief he has about social media is that it causes brain injuries.

This is true, according to different research findings; it has been shown that too much screen makes us venerable to developing brain complication. This is why he taught me that, social media wouldn’t pay the bill at the end of the day.

3. Social media is fueling bitterness

One day, my mother asked me, “Son, what would you feel when you and your sister post something on Facebook and Brian your cousin likes your sister’s post only? I replied without hesitation, “I would assume, he didn’t see it” How many people would see it from that angle?

People are getting bitter, just because someone never liked their photo. This escalates when one gets bitter from what they see online and don't agree with it. 

4. Social media has denied us the feeling of a personal touch

Have you seen a couple talking, while at the same time they are on their phones? This is what social media has robbed us. We are distracted from sharing decent time and moments with those we love, by dividing our loyalty between them and social media. This is unfortunate; it is the height of personal disconnect. We no longer invite our friends for coffee. Instead, we opt to chat.

It isn’t bad, but there is something we are missing. That personal connection, bonding and “looking at each other's eyes as we talk.”

5. We are trying too hard to impress

This is one of the concerns with my dad. That’s why every discussion with him about social media ends with a signature note; “Social media is a double-edged sword.” Social media has made us slaves to unknown forces. We have to bow to them and toe to their demands. That is why filters have been introduced.

We are no longer proud of our scars, that why are filtering them so that everything looks right. It’s scary that we are living two versions of lives. Behind the door, we are struggling while online as we are wearing a mask. How do you explain someone, who instead of tasting the food first, they must take a picture and upload online?

6. We are isolated, but we don't recognize

This is deep! My father, a man of few words, thinks we have isolated ourselves, but we don't know. What we are having now is online interactions, with no people whom we are not emotionally attached. We have shut down the real world, and instead, we are a new world within a world.

Social media can create an illusion that your world is full of caring, loved and concerned people. This is when based on the number of likes, comments and re-tweets one gets. The truth of isolation sets in when you want real people in your life, and there will be none.

My mom and dad’s beliefs on social media and web applications are parallel. On the hand, my views are totally crazy and can only be answered if both can answer this question. How did mom and dad live without social media?