Welcome to the world in London

Article published on June 11, 2007
Article published on June 11, 2007
Hi everyone, the aim of this blog is to tell you what we have been up to as the London team of cafebabel.com. Over the weeks, we will add posts on recent events we organised, hopefully including some flashy pictures! This blog is still in baby shoes, but we are in the process of adding some more exciting features.
We are thinking of dedicating a section to , and a sort of to where to go/eat/drink/dance/be amazed around this exciting town.

all things European in London"insider" guide book

So watch this space for more action! Any feedback is welcome - tell us what you'd like to hear from us!

Looking forward to lots more Babelian blogging entertainment!

The London team

London CB team This was in May 2006 at our "Who is afraid of Europe"-discussion with Commissioner Margot Wallstroem! Since then, some members have left and others have joined, but silly mousy ears always belong in our pictures! From l t r, top-down: James Fontanella, Edoardo Troina, Timur Topalgoekceli, Annette Detmer, Ruth Bender, Karolin Schaps, Davide Rizzo, Carlo Svaluto, Greg Mounier, Tomas Ruta