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Article published on March 2, 2010
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Article published on March 2, 2010
The name itself talks about doing good – thus, here you will find various information about philanthropy in Europe and in the world. We will introduce the most famous philanthropists, the most influential leaders of charity and support organizations – they are the ones who do their job silently, create positive changes and guarantee a balance between good and bad.

Everyone who acts in this sphere can unanimously say that it is really important to share experiences, to find out about the good works that somebody has done and the new possibilities that somebody has been offered. Therefore, here we will learn about the charity and support projects, events, campaign and organizations.

These days, common interests of the European philanthropic organizations are starting to emerge. One of them is the regularization of the charity and support related legal bases in the European Union. Doing good is not always easy; for a bigger international project goodwill alone is not enough. It is necessary to know not only laws of different countries but also regulation of charity and support, tax and other privileges or obstacles. So sharing this type of information will be possible here too.

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