Article published on June 11, 2007
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Article published on June 11, 2007
The objective of this blog is to discuss questions linked to the subject of ‘Islam in Europe’. For centuries Islam has influenced European culture. Today Muslims are – in spite of all difficulties – one of Europe’s most important religious groups and a permanent part of European societies. On this blog I will write of current debates and events from all over Europe.
The focus is on the political, cultural and social integration of Muslim migrants. Possible subjects are political questions as the representation in the media or religious instruction at school, cultural questions as the position of women or the ideal of honour, as well as religious questions as the interpretability of the Koran or the interdiction of images in Islam.

On this blog you will find news, analysis, commentaries and if possible interviews and reports. The objective is not to give a neutral description of events, since there are other medias more suited to this purpose, but to give a critical interpretation. This blog wants to encourage an open debate on the questions discussed: Your commentaries, corrections and critic are therefore welcome! As far as possible I will reply to them.

Most texts will be in my mother tongue: German. But I will also write in French and English. Have fun!