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Article published on Feb. 9, 2008
Article published on Feb. 9, 2008

what to do in Paris this week?

Small weekly guide to the Parisian Life Conference : Seminar "L'immigration : une chance pour l'Europe ?" (Immigration: an Opportunity for Europe?), Wednesday, February 13, starting at  8 :45 The IFRI (French Institute of International Relations) is organising this seminar as part of the cycle “Quelle présidence française pour quelle Europe ?"  (Which French Presidency for Which Europe?) a reflective program and debate.

Where ? IFRI- 27 rue de la Procession – Paris 15ème, subway Vaugirard

You must contact bochet@ifri.org (this seminar is, normally, reserved for the members of IFRI, its not guaranteed that you can participate.)

Music :

The National Barbès Orchestra (ONB), February 14 at the Elysée Montmartre

The ONB is heating things up! For those who don’t know, the ONB is more than a musical group. Its a sort of hub, always spiced up by new encounters. Basically, we can never predict what we’re going to hear!

Where? Elysée Montmartre, 72 bd Rochechouart, Paris 18ème, subway Anvers

Price: 26.40€ (I know, its a bit expensive…)


Eli Nedeltcheva and Anatoliy Stankulov, Bulgarian Cultural Centre, from February 11 to 29  (Inauguaration on February 12, starting at 7 :30 pm)

This a great opportunity to discover two famous Bulgarian artist.

Where ? Bulgarian Cultural Centre, 28 rue de la Boétie, Paris 8ème, subway Miromesnil

Cinema :

The Spirit of the Beehive by Victor Erice

Spain, 1973. Soon after the end of the Civil War in 1940, after seeing the film Frankenstein, a young girl believes she has truly encountered the spirit of the monster that’s prowling not far from her village. Walking with her elder sister, she will discover an old abandoned house with a mysterious well…

Where to see this film?

Latina, 20 rue du Temple, Paris 4ème,  subway Hotel-de-Ville,

Le Champo - Espace Jacques Tati , 51 rue des Ecoles, Paris 5ème, subway Saint-Michel, Odeon, Cluny,

Mac-Mahon, 5 av. Mac-Mahon, Paris 17ème, subway Etoile

Have a great week!

Sophie Janod