Ways in which you can get rid of stage fright

Article published on Nov. 7, 2016
Article published on Nov. 7, 2016

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Stage fright is bad, especially for performers who have to perform on the stage for the most of their career.

If you are one of them, Here are some ways in which you can get rid of stage fright

1. Know your stage: If you know your stage, you'll understand how big or small it is! This way, you'll be in a position to determine whether you are good enough for the stage, or you'll have to work hard for it. If you are good enough, go ahead with your plans. If not, you should work hard and improve yourself.

2. Audience: For a stage performer, the audience is extremely important. At times, you might be faced with a number of issues that might force you to feel low. This happens when you have a big stage to perform on, but there are not too many people seated in front of you. So, the importance of audience is huge. Think about it and you'll feel low. However, if you do not think too hard about it and focus on your performance, you'll not feel worried about the audience.

3. The risk of confusing yourself: With more than one person performing on the stage, it is possible that you might feel confused on the stage. At times, it might not be an issue from your end, but other performers might underperform, and their weaknesses might affect the overall performance’s rating. In that case, you might feel that there is a risk of confusing yourself. This is because you are worried about their inputs. However, instead of that, you should think of ways in which you can ease yourself and make the overall performance better. So, the first thing should be to not to get confused. Know your lines and say them as it is. The second thing that should be on your mind should be to improvise. Improvisation is important because it will help you stay at ease and make the overall performance better.

4. Purchase good quality products: If you want to feel confident while speaking in public, it is important to purchase good quality products. With good quality products, you'll be in a position to be confident about the add-ons. After that, your focus will only be on your performance.

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5. Impress: There are a number of ways in which you can impress your audience as a performer. One of the ways in which you can impress your audience is by giving them a brilliant performance. With this being said, you should try your best never to let the level of performance drop. Another way in which you can impress your audience is by simply making an effort to improvise. In the previous point, we have discussed improvisation, but that happens when there are too many performers on stage and you are covering up for their mistakes. However, here we are talking about improvisation even when there is no one on the stage, except you. You have a script and if you can do that is not in the script, but can potentially make your performance better, in that case you should use the trick and improvise accordingly. Remember, if the improvisation is accepted, you'll get a higher rating after the performance. If not, you'll find the same people discouraging your efforts. However, you should not be discouraged and keep working on ways to improve yourself and impress the audience.

6. Technique: If you are not confident about your performance, it is possible that there is an issue with your technique. Here, you should make an effort to consistently improve your technique. For this, you should look at other performers and learn from them. It doesn’t matter whether you are younger to them or older. You can learn from anyone; if you have that attitude, you'll definitely be better that your current self. So, look around for inspiration and get inspired.

7. Practice until you are satisfied with your performance: Before impressing the audience, you should perform for yourself. Be sure that you can impress yourself. If you cannot impress yourself, you will never be able to impress the audience. So, make it a point to practice hard and be sure that your performance is good enough to be appreciated by others. If not, you'll never be in a position to impress the audience.

8. Keep calm and get ready for your performance: If you are nervous, it will show up on your face and you'll soon be in a fix. So, don’t be nervous and try your best to give your best for the said performance. We often get nervous because we think that the stage is too big for you or maybe there are too many people sitting in front of you. However, you should avoid the thought and make yourself feel happy about the performance. After all, it is an opportunity for you to make an impress and get an even bigger stage in the future. Think about it and try not to be nervous.