Way beyond Eurovision

Article published on March 24, 2008
Article published on March 24, 2008
At the end of January in Cannes, Southern France. Every year at the same time takes place the MIDEM, the musical international market where contracts are signed dime a dozen and where producers from around the world are looking for the musical rarity.

But what most of us ignore, is that for ten years, the European commission in collaboration with the musical industry has been organising the European border breakers awards in order to promote European artists beyond their national borders. After bringing to light the Tokio Hotel band in 2007, the singer Corneille in 2005 or the one who is now known as France first Lady, Carla Bruni, in 2004, this year the German singer Ayo won the ultimate price. Indeed this singer originally from Africa, represents a genuine melting-pot.

From Nigeria to Germany through Paris

Born in the 1970s near Cologne, living now in London and produced by Polydor France, Ayo personnifies the 21st century Europe, this artist doesn’t know what the word “border” means and wants her music to be heard all around the world. “My mother is a gipsy and my father emigrated from Nigeria to Germany so that gives pins and needles in my legs”, declares Ayo to the website Le Mague. “I hope to see the biggest number of countries in the world. I love to travel and discover foreign cultures.” Doesn’t we usually say that music make the world’s people come together? Watch out Eurovision !

European border breakers awards