Watch this space: back unscathed from Bucharest

Article published on May 25, 2010
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Article published on May 25, 2010
Five journalists from England, France, Bulgaria and Poland via Paris, Rome, Sofia and Warsaw Four days, five nights in May 2010 The biggest street protests since the Ceausescu era One modest gay pride before the huge towering parliament building New friends in the form of interviewees, our friendly hosts at the hostel, our cafebabel.
com debate team in Bucharest and of course, the city's dogs, who run the city indeed! will be back with news on their findings on sustainability, the new elite, blog freedom, precarious youth and the urban city identity in mid-June 2010.

First up til then, an exclusive interview with the German young curator of the Bucharest Biennale 2010, Felix Voegel - the event coincided with the team mission there.

Interviewed by Rome-based journalist, Caroline Prosser (pictured left)

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Image: © Anne-Lore Mesnage for in Bucharest /