Walking Too Fast stands tall at Czech Lions

Article published on March 7, 2011
Article published on March 7, 2011
Walking Too Fast trailer, film focus walked away from the Czech Lion Awards March 5 with five awards, including Best Picture. Radim Špaček earned the Czech Lion for Best Director and Ondřej Štindl Best Screenplay for their respective work on the thriller set in 1980s Czechoslovakia. Ondřej Malý was named Best Actor for his performance as a secret police agent who descends into madness.
DOP Jaromír Kačer took the award for Best Cinematography.

Špaček and Štindl are already developing another project, Místa (“Places”), which the director describes as a “young, sexy summer film.” “It's a drama about two boys and a girl, 18 years old, losing their illusions as they enter adulthood,” he said.

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