Waiting, waiting, waiting (part II)

Article published on May 20, 2008
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Article published on May 20, 2008
At the steps of the Festival’s Palace a handle the irreducible persons is bound each day to be among the first at the time of the procession of the stars. I met one of them to discuss in order to better understand what pushes her to wait, wait, and wait. Why are you staying here? We do it to see the stars as close as possible. At what time did you arrive? We’re arriving everyday at 7 AM.
Today, it’s a little bit special; we just arrived at 9 AM. We are staying here from the morning to the evening and the way up the stairs by the film crew at 7 PM.

Can you explain what you are doing during the whole day?

We are looking at the people... This is never boring in fact. We are eight of us to relay each other during the day… To be able to remain at this great place.

Are the actors nice with you who are staying young fans?

Some are nice not all of them. It is a pity. This year, the guests do not look at us too much… Except yesterday (Sunday), the team of the film in competition screened in the afternoon (<I>Serbis</I> of Brilliant Mendoza) was very sympathetic. It would be good if all stars could be like them…

Who have you already seen?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Woody Allen, the team of <I>Indiana Jones</I>… There are loads of them. We come here each day since the beginning of the festival. We do it year after year.

An anecdote?

There was not yet of it. This year, they do not look at us too much. I remember Sharon Stones or Bruce Willis who waited close to us before the carpet was available…