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Article published on Sept. 20, 2007
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Article published on Sept. 20, 2007
We are extremely proud to announce that was nominated by PoliticsOnline/ World E-Gov Forum as one of the organizations "having the greatest impact on the way the Internet is changing politics"!

You can vote for us here PoliticsOnline

PoliticsOnline is a global company providing news, tools and strategies for using the Internet and new technology in the civic sector - media, government, NGO's, and politics while the World E-Gov Forum is an anual event on strategical, political and economical issues of the digital society. community was first conceived in Barcelona during our Babel Academy 2006- a yearly event where Babel leaders from across Europe meet to discuss and brainstorm on's future strategy and goals. With's success and in the light of our readership's increasing expectations, the Central European Office in Paris wanted to find new modes of expression for the network. The Babelians brainstormed on what was to become the first multilingual platform based on 2.0/ wiki tools, giving users access to unique journalistic spontaneity.


In June 2007, and with the support of the European Commission ( active citizenship), the King Baudouin Foundation, San Paolo Foundation, Hippocrène Foundation, Fondation de France, the Network of European Foundation and, most recently, the Allianz Kultur Stiftung, the beta version of the babel community entered the world wide web along with its Babelblogs, Babelforums, Babelprofiles... The official launch will take place in October 2007 across Europe- Monika will keep you posted!

So if you want to get involved in the Babel community

1. Open a Babelblog or a forum on any topic you feel passionate about- you all have interesting stories and opinions to tell from Shanghai to Dubai, or Vilnius to Madrid.

2. If you want to help out organising our transeuropean Premium Launching Event, please contact me at

And don't forget to vote for us on PoliticsOnline !