Visa free travel for Balkan students and youth

Article published on Dec. 20, 2009
Article published on Dec. 20, 2009
Author: Agnes Lima Starting from this weekend students and youth from Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro could travel freely across the EU including the Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. The visa waiver, which frees the way for travel across the vast majority of the EU (not including UK and Ireland), will apply to holders of biometric passports.
What does this mean for students from these countries? It means that you could easily decide if you want to attend some conference, visit a music festival or go for a short internship in some EU country, but there are also a lot of requirements that should be met.

What do you need to take care of so as not to be returned from the border:

1. Have a document from the event you are attending (conference/training invitation, festival ticket purchased online, hotel reservation, letter of invitation from a friend).

2. Have a travel insurance that covers your stay abroad.

3. Have a return travel ticket.

4. Have money in cash or better a bank account statement saying that you have at least 60-70 euro per day for each day of stay.

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