Videos: soundtrack to Euro 2008

Article published on June 3, 2008
Article published on June 3, 2008
A party is nowt without music, so Euro2008 shouldn’t go without! The creation of music is a powerful tool to encourage teams and ensure a good time is had all year round

England out

This year one of the greatest absences from Euro2008 has been England not qualifying. Their fans have felt the frustration, so too has their music. England will not win, but their fans croon on nonetheless

Spain follow the 'Chikichiki' Eurovision trail

The media boom that surrounded the participation of comedic personality Rodolfo Chikilicuatre in Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade has had its repercussions in football. The Chachi Gol, self-professed cousins of the singer of Chikichiki, have assumed his style to create a very authentic song to encourage team Spain at Euro2008. Spain is different

From Jamaica to the Alps

Again, Caribbean rhythms have been adopted by international football competitions. Reggae tunes from Jamaica were introduced to Austria and Switzerland by Shaggy

Classics never die

If it’s what you are into, here are the thirteen best songs never sung by football fans. What memories! No? The classics never die…

France, Hallyday and the blues

Four years alter he was declared champion of the football world and celebrated at home, France acquired this song for the new edition of the competition in 2002, sung by the great (both for his age and importance) Johnny Hallyday. A typical tune which applauds the masses. Add a pinch of something flashy and it’s the perfect formula. Encourage the blues (the French team, that is, not the Smurfs)!

Poland. Football, football, football!

Football, football, football! This is the resounding chorus for the official song of Poland’s Euro2008 team. There are soul and rock rhythms as well as a few Brazilian drums in this song so Polish fans can root for their team as they deserve. Come on, everyone join in one last time: football, football, football!

Germany: already thinking about the world cup 2010

Played by Sportfreunde Stiller, this song recalls all the dates when the German team has been proclaimed world champions. Being positive and making an optimistic prediction, the Germans have created a new version of the song which includes the 2010 championship. Given their success, we can only wait to see if it will be heard at Euro2008 whether they win or lose

Romania, where football is something serious

If we make a case for their Euro 2008 anthem, Romania is a country that has football at its core. This number is a ballad that echoes Sting’s work and give us the creeps, done as a sing-along that will make you shed a tear. It’s the romantic moment of Euro 2008