USA and Libya

Article published on March 21, 2011
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Article published on March 21, 2011
by Vassilios Damiras President Obama needs to show leadership. His doctrine "I am not George W. Bush like me" does not work in an anarchical International arena. USA needs to be the " restitutor orbis." Of course, we cannot go and invade every single country.  President Obama needs to use the Libyan crisis as President Jefferson used in 1800's to face Yusif Karamanli.
During that time President Jefferson created the Mediterranean naval squadron, which was the predecessor of the sixth fleet, in order to battle the Barbary Pirates. President Jefferson managed to defeat the Barbary Pirates and create a good reputation for the American military power. 

President Obama needs to illustrate a new era of American military power projection and diplomacy. It is time President Obama to stop try to make USA a socialist state and focus on real threats. USA is the last hope for humankind. Without a sustain American leadership the whole operation will failed. French and British cannot succeed without a strong American leadership. Of course, without a doubt any military operation has its challenges and difficulties. And again once more many countries around the globe will never appreciate the American efforts for stability.

Vassilios Damiras is Defense Consultant in the United States.