Understanding Estonia: Singing Revolution

Article published on Aug. 5, 2008
Article published on Aug. 5, 2008
Discovering a country it is not only travelling around and enjoying the landscape. It is also understanding the culture, learning (at least trying to) the language, and above all knowing the history of a country as it is the basis of people's behaviour, hates, hopes, beliefs...

The Singing Revolution on DVD

I had already heard of the Singing Revolution, or Laulev Revolutsioon in Estonian, the first time I came to Estonia in 2005 but it came back recently as a documentary-movie was released about it. I was hanging around in Stockman and I saw on the top sales this DVD. I decided to buy it since I wanted to know more about this period which led to the independence of Estonia.

The Singing Revolution or Laulev Revolutsioon in Estonian is the name given to the events between 1986 and 1991 leading to the independence of Estonia. The term was first used by the Estonian activist Heinz Valk in an article published after the singing demonstrations night of 10-11 June 1988.

It is also the name of the DVD of the movie realised by James Tusty and Maureen Castle Tusty about this non-violent revolution during which Estonians gathered and fought to free themselves from the soviet yoke. Thanks to interviews and archives images the movies gives a thorough overview of the events between 1986 and 1991 leading to the independence without any drop of blood.

A live history lesson

A DVD to be broadcasted in all Estonians schools so that people won’t forget their past and keep respecting values people would have given their lives for. For all the others, it is a must-see movie-documentary to get to know better this little country and its unique history. The way Estonians obtained their independence by singing tells a lot about this all times oppressed but peaceful people. On top of that the Estonian songs are full of emotions and very powerful, giving you goose bumps and for the most sensitive probably some teardrops…

The official website of the movie http://singingrevolution.com/will tell you more aboutthe history, the music and obviously the trailer of film.

The next Laulupidu will tale place next year in July. More information on http://www.laulupidu.ee/

As an appetizer, here is the most beautiful of the Estonian songs featured in the movie: