Turkish comics exhibition in Ancona

Article published on Sept. 7, 2007
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Article published on Sept. 7, 2007
Turkey laughing Comic exhibition in Ancona, Italy, on the satirical comic scene in Turkey. Light on Le Man, the satirical magazine born 15 years ago and spread in the whole Turkey, from Diyarbakir to Istanbul, with 150.000 copies every week.

In the past years, the founders of the magazine have had some problems with the Turkish political establishment because of theirs works and the passports suspended. But they didn’t give up the ironic and sarcastic style. donna.jpg Le Man is a weekly on political current affairs, entirely made with comics. They hit the hypocrisy of the Turkish society with an incredible freedom of expression.

Klezmer 2007 / Festival per la pace tra i popoli

Curators: Elettra Stamboulis e Gianluca Costantini

Opening : Ancona, Saturday 8 September.

Open until the 16th of September, 5 pm to 8 pm.

Free entry.

Read the interview with Mehmet Çağçağ and Tuncay Akgün, the founders of Le Man, on linEa.