Turkey votes : EVET !

Article published on Sept. 13, 2010
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Article published on Sept. 13, 2010
Yesterday Turkey made a historic victory, through the change of their Constitution. A huge political victory for PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan who sees himself even more strengthen. For us in Cafebabel Greece a huge political experiment is happening in our neighbouring country and somehow Europe has to show solidarity for a country that makes so much progress in order to join the EU.
Certainly the road is long..but it seems that Turkey is determined to follow it..

Six out of ten Turks who went to the polls yesterday voted for the change of the Turkish Constitutional proposed by the government, a result which is a crucial political victory for the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. For change voted for 58% of the electorate, while participation in the process reached 77%.

''A defeat for supporters of military coups''. said R. T. Erdogan when he  he was asked to comment on the results.

The Turkish analysts believe that such results will strengthen the ruling party for the upcoming elections in 2011, indicating that pro-reform voters came also from the opposition.

At the same time, however, some areas seem to follow the influential Kurdish party which calls for boycott of the referendum on the ground that it does not promote the rights of Kurds.

The 26 changes proposed by the government are trying to change the spirit of the Constitution adopted after the coup of 1980.

The opposition, and particularly the Kemalists, has criticized provisions stipulating that the government will have a say in selecting the senior judiciary and denounces an attempt to control the judiciary, but did not express disagreement with the need for many changes in general.

To package of proposed changes to the Constitution increases the Constitutional Court from 11 to 17, with the Turkish National Assembly the power to appoint some of them and of a single civil action.

Furthermore, the  jurisdiction of military tribunals is expanded and civil courts will be able to judge the military for crimes against the constitutional order (which could pave the way for prosecution of the coup of 1980).

The package also allows for employee participation in more than one trade unions and recognizes the right of collective bargaining for public employees, and lift the ban on strikes by political motives. The changes also address civil liberties such as privacy and travel restrictions.

Source : To Vima

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