Trash in the cleanest city

Article published on Sept. 23, 2008
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Article published on Sept. 23, 2008
The 3rd Trash Film Festival in Varazdin, Croatia, ended on September 13 with triple victory for Croatia and a win for Serbia and Finland each. The festival celebrates low-budget filmmaking and promotes young authors from around the world, with films competing for Golden Chainsaw awards in five categories.

In the competition of 25 films, Croatian title Black Sheep in the Restaurant for Zombies by Kristijan Kauric won the Golden Chainsaw award for Best Horror Film. The Best Science Fiction prize also stayed in Croatia, for Civilization of Doom by the Pejic Brothers. Best Action Film was Deadlock by John Ahman and Elias Lehtinen from Finland, and the Best Martial Arts award went to Serbia’s Miroslav Lakobrija and Stevan Aleksic for Dragon Rage. Croatian action film Imposicion De La Lay 2 (Law Enforcement 2) by Tihomir Galevski and Marko Zorko, dubbed into Spanish, won the Audience Award.

The jury was comprised of Croatian directors Kristijan Milic and Mario Kovac, and graphic novel author Dubravko Matakovic.

Audiences also had the chance to see the world premiere of The Masked Bandit, the directorial debut of Bore Lee, the only kung fu star in the Balkans who starred in last year’s Best Martial Arts Film Golden Nunchakas by Igor Bojovic of Montenegro.

Sean S. Cunningham’s classic Friday the 13th enjoyed a special screening, and Princeton professor Dejan Vinkovic held a lecture on gravitational effects on the look and sexual behaviour of spiders.

The fact that the Trash Film Festival takes place in what is officially cleanest city in Croatia gives a special flavour to the increasingly interesting event, which attracts more and more audience and a rising quality the films.

Vladan Petkovic