Top 5 Weirdest Types of Diamonds on Earth

Article published on Jan. 24, 2016
Article published on Jan. 24, 2016

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Diamonds are and always have been special, but what do you really know about them?

 There is a good chance that you know what almost everyone else knows: that they are hard and are primarily mined by a South African company named DeBeers. But there are some other interesting and eerie facts about diamonds that you most likely have never heard of. You don’t think so? Well, here are the top 5 freakiest types of diamonds on earth that you probably didn’t know existed. 

  • Diamonds made of cremated ashes
  • It sounds crazy, right? Well, they do exist. The idea behind these diamonds is to give your deceased loved ones a chance to be remembered in a special, fancy way. Your pets can go through the same process once they’ve passed - diamonds from pet ashes can be found here. Such a diamond is somewhat creepy, considering that it looks no different from a natural diamond made of carbon. If you find this grotesque, wait until you see the next! A diamond  made of human hair.

  • Diamonds made from human hair
  • Yes, you got that right, human hair! These diamonds are the result of a complex scientific process that extracts carbon from human hair.  Scientists have been able to make celebratory diamonds from the hair of newborns. As a result, they carry a deep meaning – you can click here to find out more about these diamonds. So, let that sink in for a moment: that you could be wearing a diamond that is made from an infant’s hair! What’s even more peculiar is that it has the same hardness and texture as a natural diamond.

  • Diamonds made of smog
  • If you thought hair diamonds are freaky, imagine a diamond made of smog. Yap! That same smog that is caused by industrial emissions can now be processed into diamonds. To make such a diamond, smog is collected in vacuum containers and is then taken through an industrial process that converts it into diamonds. The funny thing is that these diamonds have the same hardness and texture as normal diamonds. In fact, it would be difficult for you to tell a naturally-cut diamond from a diamond made artificially out of smog. If you think it can’t get creepier, prepare to stand corrected. There are diamonds made of Tequila!

  • Diamonds made of Tequila
  • When you think of tequila, what comes to mind? Most likely a party, right? Well, guess what! Tequila can also make diamonds. A group of Mexican scientists have successfully transformed tequila into diamonds. It is so similar to a naturally mined diamond that you would have to be told that it’s made of tequila to be able to tell the difference.

  • Peanut butter diamonds
  • Time to announce the winner of our top of outlandish diamonds: the prize goes to the peanut butter diamond. Yes, that’s actually a thing!  Geophysicists have managed to convert peanut butter into diamonds. They do this by simulating the conditions that create diamonds in the earth’s lower mantle. The peanut butter diamond looks so natural that it can be used not only as jewellery but also for industrial purposes, just like naturally mined diamonds. That’s definitely the peak of weirdness.