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Article published on Dec. 19, 2007
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Article published on Dec. 19, 2007
Are there any changes this month? Any surprises? Today you will discover if, as many assume, sex is still on people’s minds... Can we break the cliché or will we keep on making jokes about the web surfers’ real interests on cafebabel?

So here it goes... This month the number one is … Paris! You are great! Congratulations! During the month of November the blog La Parisienne won our babelians’ hearts with its assorted notes on current issues, Paris life, Europe and the world. This shift from 4th to 1st place was probably also due to a very successful Europe On the Ground on “Which Urban Policy for which Society?”. Under the leadership of Jean-Sébastien Lefèvbre, Babelians from Tallinn, Lisboa, Athens… came to dissect the French Capital. Stay tuned to see their reportage on

This month´s # 2 is EUrotik. As we can see it still holds a privileged position in the charts. With its contents, up-to-date, without taboos, and far away from bad taste, Prune’s blog is still one of the most visited blogs. They say that love makes the world go round, but EUrotik shows that sex is one of the main propelling forces of the cyberworld!

It is not so much conventional travel books that take us travelling across the continent, but enlightening experiences made of love, friendship and discovery. This is probably why  Adriano’s Eurogeneration blog reached the 3rd position in the top 10, with its interesting and personal narration of travel through the USA, exploring numerous faces of this country full of controversies, without room for boredom.

If there is a country that, even being out of the EU, sparks most of Europeans’ interests, it is Turkey. And guess what! Europe is on the mind of the Turkish people too! Turks have a view on European affairs, so it’s about time we hear about it.  Thanks to Özcan’s Istanbul blog, # 4 this month, we can see what makes Europeans and Turks the same or different.

Who said that poetry is old-fashioned? Poetry is still alive! Fernando, you’re opening our new senses! This month the 5th position is taken by this blog which ventures across urban Europe: poetry of the streets is now in our community as well.

At #6 we go down to the South of Europe. Breaking the clichés of parties and naps of Andalucía, Sevilla´s blog has shown that it knows what it’s talking about, and very well. Its selection of information, completed with videos and pictures, satisfy the interests of the people into cinema and dance among other plastic arts.

This month the 7th blog mostly read is Vilnius. Thanks to this blog, we can have a closer look to the current issues of Lithuania and its presence in Europe.

Hungary... An interesting country, isn´t it? Acording to our Babelians... It is! So Budapest blog is at #9 position in our Top Ten. By the way, are you thinking of settling down in Hungary? Probably not... anyway have a look at its section "a foreigner´s diary" where you can read about what it feels like to settle as a foreigner in Budapest.

At #9, Cofeefactory gives you the latest news about Cafebabel. Any real Babelian should have a look at this blog if they want to know what’s going on in our community- from the latest on blogs or tips on how to better personalize your blog, forums, to Babelian activists, coffeefactory is there to give you some Babelian updates.  

And last but not least, we go straight to the heart of Europe: Strasbourg. The very active team reveals all the political and social news of this city with a special focus on the European Parliament’s monthly visit to Strasbourg. Who said Brussels was the Capital of Europe? Strasbourg is back in the game!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

 Pedro J. Picón

 Top 10 for November:

1. Paris

2. eurotik

3. eurogeneration

4. istanbul


6. Sevilla

7. Vilnius

8. Budapest

9. coffeefactory

10. Strasbourg