Tolerance has its prize

Article published on April 23, 2008
Article published on April 23, 2008
For its tenth anniversary, the Marcel Rudloff prize awarded to former senator Louis Jung on April, 4th. This award is given each year the action of a politician in support of the rize of exchanges between the EU members.

This tolerance prize given by the association of Marcel Rudloff’s friends, former mayor and senator of Strasburg (1923-1996), underlines this year Louis Jung’s commitment “in support of the French-German cooperation and for peace across Europe” according to Francis Hirn, honour president and vice CEO of the newspaper Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace. Louis Jung is also honour president of Council of Europe and president of the Robert Schuman Foundation. Described as “a great European and a great man of Europe”, Louis Jung holds all the characteristics of the Marcel Rudloff prize, “tolerance and respect of the competitor.”

During the ceremony, the laureate seemed moved to received this prize, all the more since it was named after one of his close friend.