To the rescue?

Article published on Oct. 23, 2011
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Article published on Oct. 23, 2011
Here were the heads of state arriving around 9 o'clock this morning...A long day ahead of them and, particularly, an important task which concerns not only Europe.

Photos by Leonora Baumann and Davide Martinotti

Summit6 Sarkozy - there are divisions between Paris...

Summit3 Merkel - ...and Berlin over how to strengthen the EFSF.

Summit4 Greece - after imposing new austerity measures on Thursday, George Papandreou faced two days of strikes in which one person was killed.

Summit2 Zapatero - Spain is opposed to a plan for a scaling up of the rescue fund via a type of insurance scheme in which the EFSF could guarantee 20 percent of debt, a move that could extend the facility’s power to about €1 trillion.

Cameron.jpg Cameron - faces a tricky vote on EU memberhip at home on Monday