Tips to Increase Writing Speed

Article published on April 25, 2017
Article published on April 25, 2017

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Ever imagined to write at such a pace that you could finish all of your writing duties in half the time? Yes, it is undoubtedly possible for you to maintain the quality of the content produced while writing faster than ever.

Difficult as it sounds, you can simply focus on the writing topic and the information required to complete it in minimal amount of time.

With the several suggestions swirling around you at the moment, you need to remember that killing your unintentional habit of procrastinating is essential if you want to save time. Similar to this, there are many tips that you can follow in order to increase your writing speed:

  • First of all, once you get rid of your procrastinating habit, begin practicing for your writing speed by composing articles or paragraphs on topics that you are passionate about. This way you won’t get bored of the exercise and you will be keen on producing more content on the subject as it will be one of your favorites. Just make a list one day prior to beginning with the exercise.
  • Another thing to bear in mind is that you need to change the pen that you use for this exercise as it has a huge impact on not only your writing style but also on the speed that you are utilizing. Browse through the collections of Lamy wholesale pens in Dubai or other brands of the same efficiency as the style and rapidity it gives off is wonderful for students or writers in general.
  • Once you get accustomed to holding your new pen and the exercise is easily merged into your routine, it is time for you to work with deadlines. Give yourself strict deadlines and try to cover up your writing chore before the time runs out. By using this little trick, you will first probably get confused on what to write and how to portray information in a manner that it does not seem irrelevant. But later on, you will be able to compose sentences or articles effortlessly within the decided time.

As dramatic as it sounds to you, once you start working within a deadline, you would want to get everything out on the paper as fast as you can. Therefore, it will largely help you to shut the mouth of the critic inside of you. Everyone has an inner voice that keeps telling them to recheck what they have written or that the sentence doesn’t look nice where you have put it, and eventually, you end up wasting a lot more time than you should.

Before you get along your writing speed journey, make certain that you look out for the best wholesale pens in Dubai so that your hand can be at rest and you can write comfortably without getting any cramps or tiring out your hand often. Furthermore, the efficiency of the pen will enable you to compose words without any hassle and you won’t have to stop every now and then to adjust your angle.