Article published on Oct. 22, 2008
Article published on Oct. 22, 2008
By Julija Sproge Have you read any book from the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella? Did you ever imagine yourself going crazy with shopping, like Becky Brandon (neé Bloomwood) – the main protogonist? She is shopping and shopping and shopping all the time until she gets in trouble and banks are about to close her accounts.
I am a bit of a fashion shopaholic myself … However, I simply have learned some tiny-little tricks that have helped me to reduce the costs of my fashion shopping in Belgium.

My three ‘shopaholic’ secrets are really simple : 1. use your bonus cards, 2. reduce the price of your shopping, and 3. if you want a real bargain – you would have to travel a bit…

Secret n°1 : bonus card

It seems that almost every shop here in Belgium is having a bonus or fidelity card. The question is – how do they work? Well, I cannot describe all the various fidelity shop cards in Belgium. I can only share with you some information I know about some shops…

If you are doing shopping in INNO – it is really profitable to get Advantage card allowing you to reduce the price of all perfumery and cosmetics to 20%. Additionally, you will get a newsletter once a month free of charge full of reduction vouchers and some other offers.

ICI PARIS XL fidelity card – allows you to reduce the price of your shopping to 20%. Plus, you are collecting points for every purchase, what qualifies you for some extra bonus discount or a gift.

If you are just visiting Belgium and are not living here you can buy perfume and cosmetics with an immediate VAT reduction both from ICI PARIS XL and Planet Perfume.

Yves Rocher – if you are fund of their cosmetics I would definitely recommend you their point program. After certain amount of points you can choose one product free of charge.

Secret n°2 : reduce the price of your shopping

Do you have Visa or MasterCard from Belgium? Now you can profit from your shopping! The only thing you have to do is to join the program Epargnez & Cueillez what will allow you to reduce the price of your purchase in 44 Belgian shops. After five transactions of minimum 25 Euros you will get a shopping-cheque for five Euros to be spent in one of those shops. You can use it for the purchase above 25 Euros: More details:

Secret n°3 : littel journey to your real bargain

Finally, if you cannot wait for the time when sales begin and your fashion dreams are demanding good brand clothes, visit Maasmechelen village:

Oh, hang on, hang on a second! In case you want to know a bit more on fashion trends in Brussels, please come to our debate, which is taking place on October 25, 2 pm at Roi des Belges (Pl St Géry, B-1000).

Julija Sproge