Time is ripe for Europe

Article published on March 13, 2009
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Article published on March 13, 2009
Article written by Joan Marc Simon, Secretary General of UEF Time is ripe for Europe. The current economic downturn can be a dangerous threat for the European project but it can most certainly be the window of opportunity that federalists have been waiting for during last years.
It is in times of crisis when the added value of a United Europe is more visible and it is in times of crisis when we have to advocate even louder the need for a new Constitutional settlement for the Union, a coherent economic governance, a solid European budget, a common voice in the world…

I’m happy to present the UEF Manifesto: Stronger Together for a Federal Europe is the message of the manifesto and highlights the importance of staying united in times of crisis and avoid nationalist attitudes.

In the manifesto there are the 12 points that should guide those who beleive in a Federal Europe during the next 4 months. From the Treaty of Lisbon to the financial and economic crisis, from energy strategy to climate change and from foreign and security policy to justice and home affairs. The manifesto brings together the federalist viewpoints in the current historical moment. To read the manifesto click here.

The next months present an opportunity for Europe to jump to a higher stage of integration. One of the goals of UEF for next months is to motivate the citizens eager to get engaged in the building of a stronger and more democratic Europe able to better deliver to the expectations of the European citizens.