Three dead as Greece protest turns violent

Article published on May 5, 2010
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Article published on May 5, 2010
Things got worsened in Athens Violent incidents occurred earlier today in central Athens. Αccording to estimates, more than one hundred thousand people protesting against the new measures the government. The situation actually got out when protesters attempted to invade the Parliament building, they were repulsed by strong police forces using tear gas and chemicals.

Three people died in the building of Marfin Bank at Stadiou st, after extensive throwing of molotov bombs by groups of anarchists..

A short while ago the branch of the bank visited the president of Marfin Investment Group, Andreas Vgenopoulos, whose presence provoked strongly attendees protesters.

Information refer to injuries and arrests, and many more arrests, without giving exact figures.

At least Vgenopoulos is going to the wolf’s mouth, what about the deputes and the Prime Minister????