Thousands attend London 'Put People First' protest

Article published on March 30, 2009
Article published on March 30, 2009
Colourful banners, interesting costumes and musical instruments were present along the Thames last Saturday as thousands gathered in London as part of the first protests related to the G20 summit on the financial crisis in East London this Thursday.

IMG_0636.JPGThe march had a variety of stated aims, with a slogan calling for world leaders to take action for"jobs, justice and climate". The organisers said "We will challenge the G20 to make the right choices for a fairer and more sustainable world". They want to ensure "Decent jobs and public services for all", the "End of global poverty and inequality" and the construction of a green economy. Such vague and varied aims perhaps contributed to its very large turnout on a cold March afternoon.

IMG_0635.JPG The demonstration was organised by an alliance of over 150 unions, environment, charity, faith, NGOs, political parties and development groups who joined together under the name 'Put People First'. Organisations involved included ActionAid, the Jubilee Debt Campaign, Oxfam, Stop the War Coalition, the United Nations Association and the Muslim Council of Britain.

The London Metropolitan Police believe that around 35,000 people attended the demonstration. Despite thousands of police being called in as a precautionary measure to control the march, it was a peaceful, calm day with few reported problems. This is likely to be a great contrast from the planned protests in the financial sector of the City of London on Wednesday, where bankers have been advised to work from home and dress inconspicuously.

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