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Article published on July 3, 2008
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Article published on July 3, 2008
Last week TakingITGlobal's Communications Manager Nick traveled to Ljubljana, Slovenia to present at the OECD Workshop, here are his thoughts on the experience: I've had some time now to digest my travels to Ljubljana, Slovenia; I was recently there for the OECD's International Workshop on Open & Inclusive Policy Making.
TakingITGlobal conducted an e-consultation on Climate Change & Building Citizen Centred Policies & Services.

I want to thank all of the participants who gave their views and opinions on these two important themes - and especially Vidar and PJ who coordinated the consultations. When I presented your thoughts at the Workshop, all of the delegates were deeply interested and reacted positively to what you said. I found that there were a number of civil servants who already recognized that engaging young people is an important component of reaching out with their citizens. I also heard a lot of innovative ideas and projects that governments were experimenting with.

Still, there was a recognition that more political will and resources are needed to make sure that these efforts are supported. One of the main points that I stressed is that governments need to include young people at all levels of the public policy development process. Additionally, having youth civil servants is also a good step - and listening to your ideas will definitely help transform government.

I want to invite you to read the full report that I presented - you can download it here.

I also had a chance to take in some of the sights of Ljubljana and I must say, it was very pleasant to roam around the streets of a small, yet cosmopolitan city. I really appreciated the history that you can clearly see in the buildings and the layout of the city. The neat thing was the emphasis on dragons - St. George is the patron saint and you can see that everywhere.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to head out to Bled lake or Skocjan caves, but hopefully I can make another trip in the future to check them out!!