There will be a referendum as well?

Article published on March 5, 2009
Article published on March 5, 2009
In the end of summer, Mária Seres has petitioned the following question for the National Electoral Commission: Do you agree that members of parliament do receive an allowance for their charged expenses only by a confirmed wattarn? Well, this is an awkward question, what was not too successful mainly among concerns.
The National Electoral Commission has authenticated the question what means the initiator had four months for collecting more than 200.000 signatures because this is the term of a referendum.

It seems the question has occurred to many mores: how is it possible that someone do not need to account for money what is received for accommodation and travelling and which money is gone of course? Despite the necessary 200.000 signatures are collected already, supporters are still collecting them all around the country.

There are arguments about the member’s allowances time to time: are they deserving it, do they need to account for or not; questions which are more concrete and other petitions too were ephemeral or just had to break because of obstacles.

The success of Mária Seres’s initiation could be that she thinks in terms of cooperation, doesn’t stand up for the issue alone and doesn’t wait for people who ’maybe’ will join in. It is about a delibarate initiative what aims to make up things. It is about us, us who say uselessly ’I don’t care about politics’ or ’there’s nothing to do, there will be no change’.

It is still rewarding even the Speaker of the Parliament does not send the document to the members of the parliament, even if everyone is waiting for the other or if the members will explain well in advance why everything is going well.

The answer for the question put on as title is probably yes. Although we can be certain of the answer only after 200.000 normalized signature. After that – in the same time of EP elections – we can decide if we still want to our ’national saints’ to favour themselves.

Translated by Balázs Rákóczi.

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