Theatra – a quest for fresh, high quality, independent artistic expression

Article published on Feb. 7, 2012
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Article published on Feb. 7, 2012

Author: Ruzica Despotovska

First of all, this is the only private theatre in the country, possessing its own premises completely focused on the independent theatre forms of any kind (regarding plays selection, elaboration of subjects and ideas, composing and deduction of conflicts, ideas processing etc). In terms of the artistic development, Theatra strives to raise the standards of the theatre production and to bring back the audience in the theatres.

Theatra is a recently formed, independent theatre, formed by a group of young people. Through this short interview, with the producer, Maria Zafirova, we present its formation, members and the main ideas.

Could you tell me who initiated the idea of Theatra (Skopje, Macedonia), who were the creators and the founders of the theatre and how was the entire organisation? Theatra was born as a result of the necessity for free and, at the same time, unique artistic expression. The main initiator was Marija Zafirova, a producer, and the idea was spread to Biljana Radinoska, the director of Theatra. Moreover, the initiative was accepted by Natasa Petrovic, an actress, and Magdalena Dilevska, a graphic designer. It was planned for the new theatre to be opened with Biljana`s diploma work, the play Misanthrope by Moliere. The entire project was led by Marija, who succeeded to obtain a performance space and to form a team of co-workers (a costume designer, graphic designer, marketing manager and dramatist). The premiere of Misanthrope took place in April, 2011, and so, Theatra was opened. Later, the team expanded with three more members: a web designer, a programmer, and a writer. The credit for this successful assembly of creative people goes to Marija, in addition to the entire team`s will for revival of a new theatre collective as well as a brand new theatre.

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