The worst company of the year gets ... the prize

Article published on Jan. 25, 2011
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Article published on Jan. 25, 2011
The "Worst Company of the Year" award is going to be assigned this week by Swiss environmentalists with the hope of putting some pressure on companies to environmental policy and even more. Among the candidates are the manufacturers of the iPod and the petroleum giant BP.

There are 6 companies that claim the prize «Public Eye», awarded to the "worst corporate practices against human rights and the environment," according to organizers, the Swedish Greenpeace and the Berne Declaration, a Swedish team for the economic justice.

The "list of shame" includes the Taiwanese electronics company Foxconn, which manufactures the iPad, iPhone and iPod for Apple, accused of inhumane working conditions that led to 18 employees in attempting suicide in 2010.

public eye The Finnish energy company Neste Oil is accused of biofuel production processes resulting in significant destruction of tropical forests, while the South African mining company AngloGold Ashanti has entered the list after accusations of contaminating the soil with poison, and that its employees have been tortured inside the company’s building located in Ghana.

Another contestant is the Swedish energy company Axpo, because of purchasing uranium from a Russian factory that reprocesses the so called plant Mayak, one of the most contaminated with radioactive elements of the earth. The U.S. Philip Morris “won" a place among the candidates, by undermining the anti-smoking laws in Uruguay, weakening the law which provides warnings to human health labeled on cigarette packages.

Last but not least, the British energy giant BP, after the ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the second-largest oil catastrophe ever – only Saddam Hussein’s torching of Kuwaiti oil fields in 1991.

The companies have committed crimes against human rights and / or the environment and in most cases and in two vital areas," said Bruno Heinzer, the Swiss Greenpeace. "I call it shame and simply, but seek to exert pressure on winners to change their methods.

Tens of thousands of people have voted on the website The winner of the «Public Eye» and «Global Award» (chosen by the organizers) will be presented in an international media conference in Davos, Switzerland.