The World of Escort-Girls

Article published on April 19, 2012
Article published on April 19, 2012
By Alfonso de Cea Translated by Danica Jorden Photographed by Julica da Costa Escort girls perform work that is not visible to the general public. They are pleasant, attractive, well-educated, they take care of themselves, and they are, above all, young. “Irchik,” a Russian escort in Brussels, agreed to share her experience with Cafebabel to introduce us to the hidden world of escorts.

Prostitution, be it high class or street, remains a taboo subject in our society. But up to what point? Do you believe that there exists a double standard in regards to certain subjects from daily life?

That depends on the country. In some countries where prostitution is legal, there is no taboo. A majority of men, even married ones, like to frequent prostitutes in order to act out all the fantasies that they can’t do with their wives. Men really like to have sexual relations with different women, especially young girls. They are bored by having sex with the same woman all their lives.

Is there a typical client? If so, is it usually the wealthy businessman?

There is no typical client. Every man is a potential client! The only differences are financial ones. If the client has more money, he can have a prettier or better educated woman. Even the place where sexual activites happen can be a more luxurious hotel.

Is the city of Brussels a good place to work as an escort? What was it like working in your country of origin?

There are a lot of young people and foreigners in Brussels, so it’s a good place. The girls in the windows are pretty and cheap, but at the same time, the market is very strong for high-class prostitution.

Is there always a story behind each escort’s choice to do this kind of work? Either by choice or out of necessity?

Usually, high class prostitution is a choice. You can make a lot of money working as a prostitute and a few years later invest in your own business. You can also marry a client. That happens a lot. But with street prostitution, it’s not the same. Many women, especially from Eastern Europe, become prostitutes in order to make money to help their families. Some of them were married but the men abandoned them, often with children. They often fall under the control of the mafia.

What’s the difference between an escort and a prostitute?

An escort is normally a very beautiful and well-educated girl who accompanies rich men to business dinners and other activities. It’s like a luxury status symbol. If you want sex, you normally have to pay separately, but what’s most common is a “happy ending.” In fact, all escort girls are high-class prostitutes.

How would you categorize your profession? Companionship or sexual service?

I think it’s a service that is very much in demand and growing daily. Many divorced men prefer to pay a prostitute rather than try again with a normal woman. And we’re usually more beautiful as well!