The vanity of our highest politicians drives Romania to chaos

Article published on Nov. 7, 2007
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Article published on Nov. 7, 2007
For the last weeks, the Romanian political scene was split by the disputes on organizing in the same day the referendum for the uninominal voting system and the European Parliament elections, especially because there will be used different human and financial resources for each ballot.

In this context, we should draw attention on the seriousness of the problem and emphasize the danger that threatens our democracy, considering the high distrust of our citizens for the public institutions and their defiance that they can govern our country properly.

I truly regret that the tensions between the two main institutions of the state, the Government and the Presidency, continue and even worsen, instead of starting a good cooperation for assuring the best conditions for the two ballots and for raising public awareness on the importance of voting participation. This political context is used for denigrating the political adversary and gaining popularity, all these on citizens’ expenses that find themselves, again, unable to understand what’s happening in our political scene.

Traian_Basescu_-_President_of_Romania.jpg There’s no doubt that the contradictory decisions taken by the two headquarters (the governmental and the presidential one) put the vanity of our politicians before the citizens interest and show once again that those who should represent our interests put little price on the people’s needs. Not even before the EP elections and the referendum - fundamental instruments of democracy - these vanities are not let apart, on the contrary, each tries to gain more popularity by throwing our country into chaos and making the other one responsible for that.

Tariceanu_-_Prime_Minister_of_Romania.jpg In addition to that, the dissatisfaction of Romanian citizens, that tend to feel even less represented, will bring consequences for the public institutions, increasing the crises in which they were brought into, by this political war.

Taking in consideration the difficulties of organizing the two ballots in the same time, the Government has to assume its responsibility for a proper organization and to take all the administrative measures needed. No matter the political origin of the problem, the Executive has to prove that is able to handle such a situation and its’ members to show if they deserve or not their ministerial charges.

by Doru Frantescu

Credit photo: vladsirghe2004