The Union of European Federalists launches the Manifesto for European Elections

Article published on March 13, 2009
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Article published on March 13, 2009
The Union of European Federalists today publishes its manifesto for the European Parliament elections. Stronger Together in a Federal Europe responds to the current crises of the economy, climate and international security by calling for the European Union to strengthen its system of government. In a 12 point strategy, the UEF calls for the rapid entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty.
It supports the stronger regulation at the EU level of the financial sector and calls for a common macro-economic policy, including the launch of EU bonds, the completion of the single market, a reformed EU budget and a uniform approach by the eurozone to global financial negotiations.

Andrew Duff UEFAndrew Duff MEP, President of the UEF, says:

Europe faces a stark choice. Either we pull more closely together, unifying our resources and intensifying our resolve, or we fall apart. The UEF addresses this manifesto to the parties and candidates who are fighting the elections in June.

The European Union which emerges from the present slump must be better equipped to rectify its causes. This means not only unity in economic and monetary policy but also European leadership in combating climate change and a much larger security and defence dimension to the EU's external action.

The old EU treaties have not provided a system of governance which is tough enough to cope with present day conditions. Lisbon is therefore a necessity.

European federalists will play a critical part within our different parties during the forthcoming election campaign and in the next European Parliament. We appeal to voters not to fall prey to the simplistic temptations of demagogic nationalists, but to resist isolationism and protectionism. Europeans will be stronger together.