The Spots’ War

Article published on May 20, 2008
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Article published on May 20, 2008
Adolescence is one paradoxical moment in life. It is an ungrateful period between the childhood and the adulthood when the body changes and people experience life. Presented in the Director’s Fortnight and running for the Golden Camera (price rewarding the best first film), Acne by Federico Veiroj tells the story of an adolescence through the eyes of a 13 year old boy, Rafa.

For a few years, the interest around adolescence and the fascination caused among directors have not ceased growing. The traditional teen movies are still flourishingly produced in Hollywood but today this genre turns out to be also an international auteur’s tendency with such titles as Ken Park, Water Lilies, Et toi, t'es sur qui?

Acne is part of this tendency. The skilfulness of the film lies in the fact that it tackles all the problems related to adolescence: the body which changes, the parents who divorce, the phantasm of the female body, the awakening and the training of sexuality, the friendships which break. The camera of Federico Veiroj sticks literally as close as possible to Rafa. It scans the in-depth treatment of the spots, the first emotions caused by the girls, the obsession of the first kiss’ perfection. Like the piano play that Rafa tries to learn, one discovers and learns about life while making wrong notes at the beginning. But finally, the partition will be played without mistakes.

The film is right, tender, funny and moving at the same time especially taking into consideration our souvenirs related to our own adolescence.

Acne directed by Federico Veiroj Director’s Fortnight / Golden Camera