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Article published on Sept. 7, 2010
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Article published on Sept. 7, 2010
A short sentence can really encapsulate the spirit of the times? So it seems judging from the statement made by the Director of Google, Eric Schmidt, who in the international technology exhibition in Berlin announced that the Google is going to launch a television platform.
The platform will broadcast over the Internet and will allow the user to interact with others, even in another language using an electronic interpreter!

Among other Schmidt said:

The changes now are so fast that societies are not really ready to face what will happen when everyone is online, anyone can upload information about what is happening around him

This phrase is likely the prophecy of the times to come and reveal the key-question: Are societies (in the name of which this technological revolution is happening) ready to accept all this so quickly? It's like a classic love story where the boy is so in love with the girl and so eager to show her love that finally the girl leaves him with the phrase this is too much for me.

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Is something like this happening here as well? But is this the issue or it is more important to look at the real problems of the planet? Climate change, malnutrition, water scarcity, poverty and suddenly what the West is interested in is talking via e-translator?

I do not want to belittle the value of the project, nor pretend that the Evangelist does not understand that every company wants innovation to win more. I would not deny either that many technologies can solve chronic problems such as mismanagement and corruption in countries like Greece. But I wonder whether if tomorrow there might be no life in this planet with whom I would speak through a translator? What can we do documentaries about wildlife that will have already extinct?

What do you think?