The Second Best European Country in Education

Article published on May 18, 2017
Article published on May 18, 2017

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A recent study of the quality of education around the globe found out that the United Kingdom holds the second place in Europe. The study was carried out by education and publishing company Pearson. The quality and effectuality of the U.K. reached a new level and this allowed taking the second place amongst European countries.

If making allowances for the countries from other parts of the world, the U.K.’s place will be six. This is still a very good result. The U.K. has almost reached Finland. After the last similar study, Finland was on the top of this honorable ranking. Nonetheless, it slumped to the fifth position. The United Kingdom is tight after the Finns.

The rankings were based on an amalgamation of international tests and education results. However, the final evaluation of educational systems of different countries included some other details.

The experts from GradeScout found out the top 10 education systems around the globe. These are:

  • South Korea.
  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Finland.
  • The U.K.
  • Canada.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Ireland.
  • Poland.

These were the first 10 countries. It should be added that some other countries, which are worth attention managed to hold positions amongst the first 20. Russia, the United States, Australia and New Zealand follow one another holding the positions 13-16 respectively.

The first four positions were embraced by the Asian nations who are traditionally strong in education. However, the presence of 5 nations from Europe is encouraging.

Such significant success has been admitted by John Fallon, the chief executive of the company Pearson. It positively reflects on the general conditions of life in the countries. Advanced educational skills have a huge importance for the economy. The more qualified graduates the country has the better it would result in the economic growth.

The Business Secretary of the United Kingdom, Vince Cable, mentioned that the promotion of an educational system of the Kingdom is one of the major priorities of the government. A higher level of education attracts more students from overseas, which results in multiple benefits in the economic and cultural life of the U.K. Of course, the government is going to maintain the success and will introduce new initiatives to provide further development and advancement.

Mister Fallon also said that such results show a dependable link between maintaining education and economic development. The outcomes of the U.K. and Finland should work as a proven example for other European countries. The process of globalization should involve all spheres of human life. The educational systems of different countries may share their experience and learn many useful things from one another.

Mr. Fallon likewise underlined the role of teachers while studying. The U.K. spends a lot on its education system. Sufficient funds are given to the introduction of new digital technologies. According to Mr. Fallon, this is a tremendous error. It goes without saying that the role of digital technologies is important and provides students with multiple capabilities. However, they should not minimize the role of a teacher. This is a big mistake, which would not lead to the advancement in education.

The government is going to work the things out and will find effective approaches, which would bring the educational level to the higher positions.