The resolution of Serbia’s Parliament

Article published on Jan. 11, 2008
Article published on Jan. 11, 2008
With a very large majority (220 for, 13 against and 1 abs.), Serbia’s Parliament has adopted a resolution on the preservation of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. All international treaties signed by Serbia with the European Union, including the Stabilization and Association Agreement, will have to respect these principles.
Serbia will break its diplomatic relations with any country that recognizes Kosovo’s statehood. The army “is ready to defend the citizens of Kosovo” reports the Balkan Post.

A resolution with no consequences for the UNO temporary administration in Kosovo (…). Their spokesman indicated: “what the Serbian Parliament does depends on its deputies. Their orientations cannot influence Kosovo in any ways since Kosovo is under the United Nations control.”

Read on, Fatmir Sejdu, President of the Province of Kosovo judged that “this resolution reminds the past Serbian methods. It is a constitutional aggression towards Kosovo that has no legal bases. Kosovo’s fate cannot be decided by Serbia and in fact, the policy Serbia is actually pursuing is exactly the one that led us to the worst from clashes and bloodshed to the tragedy that befell not only the peoples of Kosovo but the others too.”

This resolution occurs after the meeting of the Security Council that heard Serbia Prime Minister, Vojislav Kostunica and the President of Kosovo. In a long and solemn speech, the Serbian Prime Minister declared his attachment to international law and more specifically to the respect of frontiers integrity and States sovereignty. President Sejdiu said he was prepared to form a new government and when questioned on a possible declaration of independence, he answered in favor of it, “alongside his friends”.

Beyond the differences between Serbians and Albanians, the Russian and American stances keep diverging. The Russian ambassador to the UNO, Vitali Tchourkine, submitted to the UN Security Council a declaration bill to extend the negotiations between Pristina and Belgrade on the status of Kosovo; when through their Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice, the Americans retort that “Kosovo and Serbia will never a united state anymore. I think there is no question about that.”

According to Ria Novosti, the head of the American diplomacy stated: “we will speak with Serbians and Kosovo Albanians, we will talk with every interested parties, including the Russians, since we have to carry out measures to stabilize the situation while closing the tragic pages of the Balkan States history so the European construction will definitely be achieved 17 years after the end of the “Cold War”.

The UN Security Council will re-open the debates on the Kosovo status next January.

Snejana Jovanovic

Translation : Cécile Zandzvliet